Himalaya Bakery & Cafe Shop Front

Welcome to Himalaya Bakery & Cafe, The place to sit down an enjoy a nice coffee and cake or lunch perhaps.

The eating area, enjoy your scrumptious lunch or a quick coffee

We use a single shot coffee grinder. So your coffee is freshly ground.  The coffee we use is fair trade organic selected after an exhausting search.

This is a bar style setup just inside the front door where you can look over the town while you enjoy a nice coffee, with a delicious vegetarian / vegan lunch. Some reading material are available for your enjoyment.

This is our main sales counter, the red cast iron inserts are the only thing to survive from the original building,.

Where possible we package our products using paper and other recyclable materials.  Plastic bags are available for larger purchases.


This is our main dining area with the table tops made from recycled timber, hand sanded and varnished. At the front off the shop we have a cosy area where you can sit awhile and enjoy a nice meal while you read the your own news paper or some of our magazines. Off cause if you brought your laptop you could access our wireless internet and check your email.

A cup of cappuccino with a slice of macadamia salted caramel tart

We supply Organic fair trade sugar to add for taste. Natural Honey is also available

We also make our own Organic Chai Tea and offer a range of Organic and Herbal Teas.

We have a range or hot and cold dishes made fresh on our premises.

Our bakery/cafe offers a large selection of vegetarian / vegan products as well.  We also have dishes for the non vegans as well so every taste can be satisfied

In fact we have the biggest choose of Vegetarian / Vegan food in the Daylesford / Hepburn Springs area.