Himalaya Bakery & Cafe Breads

Our main types or bread are Organic White bread, Organic Light wholemeal which we also use for Olive, Walnut, Multi-seed and it is also used to make the Rustic which is a loaf made in a basket and baked on the stone in the oven at high temperature for an authentic crusty loaf.

What else of cause we have our famous wholemeal Biodynamic Spelt / Rye bread and the Biodynamic wholemeal Rye (special orders only) which is possible one of Australia's heavies rye as it is made from pure rye flour and sour dough but what a taste and longevity, of cause all our bread are made using only sour dough which we make using our own leavens.

All our base breads are made from Organic / Biodynamic flour, water, leaven and salt.

No additives, bakers yeast or bread improvers used in our bread.